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Our much-loved and well-supported Talking Art series continues with a video demonstration from Nobuo Okawa.

Nobuo Okawa was born in Tokyo, Japan and trained at St Martin’s School of Art, London in the late 1970s, where he became interested in the intaglio printmaking technique of mezzotint. His work has been exhibited in the UK, Japan and USA and a collection of his prints are held in the British Museum. Lawrence. R. H. Smith has described Nobuo’s work as ‘pictorialized contemplation and unexpectedly compelling’:

“His scrutiny of the very small and apparently insignificant lies deep in Japanese traditions of contemplation…. But it is also his sense of space, of emptiness extending vastly and eternally round these tiny points of life in the natural world. These modest flowers, these almost colourless floating seeds, tell with sharp poignancy of the short, mysteriously lonely lives of human beings, as full of meaning to themselves as to those who watch.”

We are delighted that Nobuo can join us for our Talking Art series and so excited to see a demonstration. The talk will comprise a video of him demonstrating the mezzotint technique, followed by questions from the audience.



Price: £3.00 – every time you make a purchase with West Yorkshire Print Workshop, you help us support local artists, upkeep our print making facilities and provide space for creativity within communities who need it most.

How to join: On booking, you will be added to our attendee list and receive a link to the exclusive Zoom session prior to the event. You will require internet access and a phone, computer or tablet to join in with your Zoom link and password.

In the Talking Art Sessions, UK and international artists get into the detail of their methods and muses from how they started to where they are today. It’s an exciting opportunity to get up close and personal (from a distance, of course!) and better understand printmaking and printmakers. Whether new to print making or an experienced technician, mix up your routine with a Talking Art session.


Talk with Nobuo Okawa

Talking Art with Nobuo Okawa - West Yorkshire Print Workshop
West Yorkshire Print Workshop
Date & Time:
From 22/04/2021 7pm To 22/04/2021 8pm
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