We need your help.


Do you have a flair for writing and and interest in art……we need you ASAP. All artists want to shout about what they are doing, that’s one of the reasons we set Yorkshire Art up, we need talented passionate writers to tell their story. Get in touch if you are a wizz with a pen.


Which ever way you slice it, we’re going to get this platform out there, we need focussed individuals who care about Yorkshire and care about art to help us build this site and make it the ‘go to’ place for art lovers and more.


A good snap doesn’t half get places noticed, with members all over Yorkshire we need intrepid volunteers to grab some amazing pics to show off to our art lovers, please get in touch if you have a gift with a camera and have some spare time on your hands.


If you have any ideas about how we can make Yorkshire Art the shining star it can be please get in touch. You may be an artist who would like to display your art or an artistic company who wants to share what you are doing. Our art platform is controlled by us and we can do all sorts of  clever things so please let us know if you have any interesting thoughts, plans or projects. Nothing is off the table as long as it involves art and our beloved Yorkshire in some way.


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