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Pay what you can afford

We love art and we love Yorkshire. Our passion is raising the profile of local artists, galleries and art companies. We don’t want money to be a barrier that stops you from getting our support, so please just pay us what you can afford. See below for more information on some suggestions.


We would love you to join

Everything we make goes back into promoting art in the Yorkshire region so please contribute as much as you can. You can choose to make a monthly or an annual payment and you get to choose the the price that feels affordable to you. You can alter your contribution level anytime, should your financial circumstances change.

If you can’t afford anything right now, then please do get in touch with us as we offer a number of scholarship memberships each year.

We are an inclusive platform and want you involved so please join us.

Take a few moments to reflect on the reality of your financial situation and check in with what you feel you can afford. You can pay any amount you wish, but below are some helpful guidelines.

Some helpful guidelines:

  • £25 a year or £2 a month might work well for you and be what you’re minimally able to contribute right now.
  • £60 a year or £5 a month helps us get closer to a sustainable revenue point.
  • £120 a year or £10 a month helps us move beyond break-even.
  • £300 a year or £25 a month really helps Yorkshire Art to really sustain ourselves, cover our costs, reinvest in our business, as well as helping others become members who otherwise might not be able to afford it.
  • £600 a year or £50 a month is really generous and massively helps us really expand our reach and the support we can offer to our members.

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