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Welcome to Yorkshire Art, the new go to platform for everything and anyone in the arts in Yorkshire. Take a peek around to see what we are up to, we’ve only just got started and are working hard to gather all the information we have. We are currently looking for sponsors and content to add to this new super duper platform. We love a chat so please drop us a mail if you have any comments or would like to contribute, get a listing or take part in any way.

Are you an artist and want to join?
We would love to talk to you

We’re on the hunt for talented artists in the Yorkshire region, we love our little part of the world and we want to make a big splash in the Arts by showcasing everything thats great about Art in Yorkshire. We would love to hear from you and is half price to join up and till Aug 2017. You get to show off your work and tell everyone about yourself and we’re going to get you out there….Join us and lets make Yorkshire the best place on earth for Art.

Are you a gallery or Art trail and want a listing?
We would love to talk to you

Where do our beloved art lovers go first…..its you guys, the nuts and bolts of the art industry, local art galleries and long standing art trails are the staple diet of the art lover, help us promote you and lets get people visiting this great place and your amazing art.


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