So your an artist, we can help you

Hello and welcome to Yorkshire Art. In a nutshell we are here to promote Art in Yorkshire and that includes helping artists as much as possible. Below are a few of the things we can do for you as a member of Yorkshire Art

Create your own section

The first thing we do for you is create you your own section to promote you and your work, this will detail the following.

An about me tab to include:

  • A biography
  • Images of where you work
  • A list of past and present exhibitions
  • Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • links to your website and any other links you may have
  • A quote by us to describe your work

My works tab to include:

  • Visuals of all your work categorised as you wish
  • Ability to name and describe the status of each item such as sold, at a gallery, available from the artist etc

A contact tab to include:

  • A contact from that goes directly to you
  • Your studio address
  • Tel numbers

News and events

Now your page is set up we can then start to talk out you in the news section, any exhibitions, events or training courses you may offer can be listed and when they are they are linked to your page so anyone viewing your profile can see what else you are doing.

Selling your art

Yorkshire Art is here to promote you and your art, not to make money off your art sales. Once your art is listed and we find a buyer for you we simply put them in touch with you so you can sell to them without the need for any commission payments.

We will be offering the ability to sell your art on our platform soon but it will be a choice NOT a requirement.

Your digital footprint

Many artists struggle to get online properly so end up with poor art websites, we can help. As part of your membership we will take a look at your own website and offer any advice we can and help you improve it if you want us to.

Ultimately we want to improve your overall online presence so anything we can do to help you alongside your Yorkshire Art listing is a good thing, we are digital experts and would love to help you.

How we promote you

We have been working in the arts and creative industries for over two decades and have developed a substantial list of connections we use to promote you and your art including email campaigns, social media promotions, google listings and advertisements in print along with other things.

We are also launching our own quarterly newspaper soon which our members will be promoted in…….we are also looking into getting our own gallery set up to promote our members work so watch this space.


  • Your joining fee is half price
  • You will feature on our home page during the first year

Helpful links

Still need convincing

If you are still wondering if you should join Yorkshire Art or if you just want more information please get in touch, would would love to hear from you.