Alex Ekins.

I studied photojournalism at Sheffield College under the legendary Paul Delmar.

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I studied photojournalism at Sheffield College under the legendary Paul Delmar and I now specialise in documentary outdoor, adventure and architectural photography and photojournalism.

My work has been published in Le Monde, El Pais, Le Temps, Repubblica, Climb, Climber, Trail, Climbing, Rock and Snow, Rock and Ice, Desnivel, The Rough Guide to Ultimate Adventures, Summit, The Time Out Guide to Adventure, The Daily Telegraph, Vertical, The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Economist, The Financial Times and National Geographic.

My other clients have included His Royal Highness Sheik Faisal, Dragoni, The British Mountaineering Council, The Youth Hostels Association, The Association of Mountaineering Instructors, Jagged Globe, Sheffield Council, Adventure Works, The British Association of International Mountain Leaders, Rab, Wild Country, Rockfax, Terra Nova and Patagonia.

Currently residing in Sheffield, England and available for assignments and commissions.


Sadhus are Hindu ascetics who have rejected work, materialism and the trappings of modern life. They live in caves, forests and temples throughout the Indian subcontinent.

My interest in Sadhus and their way of life began in 2012 during a mountaineering trip to Nepal. I spent some time in Kathmandu developing a technique to take life-size portraits outside using a large studio backdrop. I met the Sadhu Shiva Das in Kathmandu and he agreed to be my first subject. He also introduced me to other Sadhus.

I initially produced a series called the Seven Sadhu, which were cut-out photographs pasted up life-size in Sheffield’s Cultural Quarter.

I returned to Kathmandu in 2016 and was very happy to find both Shiva Das and another of the original seven, Ganga Das, who has extraordinary dreadlocks. I gave Ganga Das a life-size photograph I took of him and we pasted it up in the temple where he lives. I was also able to take photographs of other Sadhus I hadn’t previously worked with.

Street art

Living in Sheffield, I was beginning to become influenced by the city’s great street artists, such as Kid Acne, Florence Blanchard and Jo Peel. I began to think about new ways of presenting my own work. Placing work in the street plays with the idea of people perhaps being somewhere that some may feel they shouldn’t be. I like the idea that the paste-ups are real people, the life-size pieces are direct representations of the individuals photographed. I also feel that it’s becoming increasingly important to present the great dignity, joy and imagination inherent in all human nature and challenge the growing fear of the ‘other’.

"I studied photojournalism at Sheffield College under the legendary Paul Delmar and I now specialise in documentary outdoor, adventure and architectural photography and photojournalism."

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